Edible Idaho: The Great Treasure Valley Tradeoff

Boise Weekly: This Land is... Whose Land? 

Idaho Statesman: "We're not going away," Boise woman vows after Dry Creek petition falls short

Idaho Press: Save Dry Creek falls short on petition, but leader says fight isn't over

Boise Weekly: Petition to save Dry Creek farmland won't reach November ballot

Idaho Statesman: This 1,800-home development is underway, even as a petition to stop it lurks

Idaho Press: Save Dry Creek charges forward as deadline for petition nears

Idaho Press: Grimshaw Letter to the Editor: Save Dry Creek

Idaho Press Tribune and Idaho Statesman: Gassi Letter to the Editor: House Bill 568 is Undemocratic

Idaho Statesman: McCord Letter to the Editor: HB 568

Idaho Statesman: Guest Opinion by Boise Hunter Homes: Dry Creek Ranch plans represent a responsible, open space-friendly approach

Idaho Statesman: Can Ada County voters stop this real estate development? Foes fight for a yes answer

Boise State Public Radio: Judge Rules In Favor Of Group Opposed To Ada County Development

Capital Press: Judge orders anti-development petition to be filed

Boise Guardian: Another Growthophobe Victory

Capital Press: Decision expected soon on proposed Dry Creek Valley petition

Capital Press: Developer says petition against his project will hurt all landowners

Idaho Statesman: Opponents of 1,815 planned homes at Dry Creek Ranch take the issue to court

Capital Press: Judge hears arguments on petition that seeks to save farmland

Boise Weekly: Ada County Commission Fully Funds Conservation District After Dry Creek Snafu

Boise Weekly: Dry Creek, Dry Purse

Capital Press: Judge to decide on vote to save farm ground near Boise

Edible Idaho: Like Open Space? Keep It That Way (Summer 2017 issue available for free at various locations around Boise!)

North End News: Housing development threatens Dry Creek Valley (Spring 2017 issue available for free at the Boise Co-op!)

Capital Press: Subdivision opponents challenge county's rejection of their petition

Territory: Moving to Greener Pastures: Peaceful Belly Farm to leave its Dry Creek Valley roots

Capital Press: Farmers, others seek referendum on planned community

Idaho Statesman: Ada County denies attempt to block Dry Creek Ranch project

KTVB: Local farm feeds elk during harsh winter

Boise Weekly: Ada County Commission Approves Amendment to Much-Debated Dry Creek Ranch Development

Idaho Statesman: Ada County approves housing development near Hidden Springs

Boise Weekly: Dry Creek Ranch Plan is a Lesson For Yesterday

Idaho Statesman: Ada County puts off decision on 1,800-home Dry Creek project

Idaho Statesman: Rael letter: Oppose Dry Creek development

Idaho Statesman: Developer scales back 1,800-home West Foothills project, up for vote Wednesday


Listen to Henry Allsworth's Story (track 6) about farmland preservation in Ada County as part of Radio Boise's Radio Race, Featuring interviews with Josie Erskine, Janie Burns, and renowned farmer and activist, Joel Salatin! 


Photo provided by Jon S. Thank you!